Where to Actually Take Your Family When They're Visiting NYC


I wrote this sample piece to demonstrate the sort of editorial work I'm capable of, and enjoy doing. I didn’t actually live in NYC when I wrote this, but I wanted the challenge of sounding like a local just by doing research. As an avid traveler, I love to write about culture, food, and attractions! 

Where to Actually Take Your Family When They're Visiting NYC

Everyone who’s lived in this city long enough knows what it’s like to be the “New York Friend.” Be it family or old acquaintances, they know to come to you if they want a true New York experience, and not just hours spent on a double-decker bus. New York City is always changing, and even Grandma knows that there’s more to it than Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. However, you don’t have to drag them far from some of the more tried-and-true sights they may want to see. Here are some of our favorite places, strategically placed around heavy-hitters like Grand Central Station and The Empire State Building.


Culture Espresso

“Okay but first, coffee.” Your family might need some caffeine to catch up to the New York City pace, and there’s no better place to get it than Culture Espresso. We love the cold brew, and the cookies made in-house are to die for. With a location right in the heart of Garment District, you’ll also be sure to catch a glimpse of some of New York’s most fashionable.


The Morgan Library & Museum

If you’re looking for some refined culture that’s a little less hectic than the Museum of Modern Art, the Morgan Library & Museum is for you. With a gripping exhibition of photographer Peter Hujar’s work opening next week, the art and ornate interior are sure to drop some jaws.



When you’ve worked up an appetite, hit up Outro for the best waffles in the city; maybe the world. The best part? Brunch is served all day long.


Top Of The Rock

Everyone knows NYC for the tall buildings, so if you find yourself climbing one “for the ‘gram,” skip the hour-long wait for the Empire State Building and head to the top of Rockefeller Center. It’s faster, and less expensive.


District Social

Whether you’re looking to sit down to eat or grab a few drinks, you’ll want to visit District Social. Swanky, yet unpretentious, and both the food and drinks are sure to hit the spot.


For a New York experience that is both quintessential and on trend, these spots are sure to please.  And if your family wants the “local” experience minus the hide-a-bed, there are dozens of fantastic hotels right in the neighborhood. Show them around these locales and they’ll be feeling like they’re part of the city in no time.